Vocal’ize is an original singer songwriter duo, inspired by the Influences of Dance, Pop, D&B Reggae and Ska music and so much more.

Before “Vocal’ize” formed in 2016 they had already been singing with each other for many years. In the 90’s they sang together in a Ska & Reggae band. Whilst on the road with this band they supported some big names in the Ska world such as The Selector and Bad Manners, but they have always had a passion for dance music in all its forms and this is where they have drawn their influences from for their songs today.
These days “Vocal’ize” write catchy, happy, upbeat, dance music that is a distant memory from their Reggae roots, but they haven’t lost the Vibes.  

“Vocal’ize” literally want to see you jumping up and out of your seats singing along and and dancing with them. Which is what usually happens whenever and wherever they perform.
 “Vocal’ize” write dance anthems that become earworms, but they also make you feel empowered and strong.  It’s all in the way they sing the songs. Powerful vocal harmonies cut through melodic dance beats whilst subtle messages of self belief and self worth playfully come through.

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